Hi, I'm Carrie, and Welcome to Hygieia!  


Somehow our paths have crossed and now you're here picking up your favorite natural skin care items.  Or perhaps you were recommended to my products through a trusted friend - if that's the case, you better thank them now!  :-)  However you found us, I am grateful for your business and loyalty.  So, who am I?  I'm a mother of 3 daughters, a wife to my soul mate and best friend, a lover of natural wellness, believer in the spiritual world, Sherpa to my tri-athlete husband (who rocks it, btw!), a taxi driver for our kid's activities, gal who prefers comfy clothes and flip-flops but has an inner diva who likes to come out on occasion, someone who thinks of herself as kind, loving, loyal, trustworthy and honest, and I'm a small business owner.  Yep, I wear lots of hats, which makes life interesting.  

I discovered Hygieia several years ago and, now, am the sole owner.  As a child, I always dreamed of owning my own company, and now it's a reality.  I am grateful for all the support I've received throughout this journey and look forward to an even brighter future for Hygieia.  My grandmother, years before she passed at the amazing age of 94, once told me that if you can't read the ingredients list, if you can't pronounce something, if it has an extremely long list of ingredients that just don't sound right...it's probably not something you want to be putting on or in your body.  I'm not 100% perfect in this philosophy, but it's definitely of goal of mine. And with Hygieia, I'm a little bit closer - and so can you!

I am so proud to bring you Hygieia, LLC - natural products that actually work, including the Best Deodorant Ever, Hygieia Essentials, and Hygieia Baby.